National Cabinet

National Cabinet comprise of:

  • Executive Board
  • 6 Standing Committees Directors
  • 2 Support Divisions headed by Directors

Executive Board

  • President
  • Vice President Externals
  • Vice President Internals
  • Vice President Activities
  • Vice President Capacity Building
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer

Standing Committees

  • Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH)
  • Standing Committee on Reproductive Health and Aids (SCORA)
  • Standing Committee on Rights and Peace (SCORP)
  • Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME)
  • Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE)
  • Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE)

Support Divisions

  • Publications Support Division (PubSD)
  • New Technology Support Division (NTSD)

Executive Board

Aqsa Shafique
My Team
Abyaz Asmar
Vice President Externals
My Team
Aliezeh Fatima Rai
Vice President Internals
My Team